Intel’s 8th Generation processors, known as Coffee Lake will be launched on 5 October, 2017 and one day before launch, the bad news arrives. According to SweClockers, Intel has a limited stock of new processors. So, the new processors will be launched in the form of limited units until early 2018.

The Coffee Lake family will consist of only six models: two Core i7, two Core i5 and two Core i3. The Core i7 and i5 offer a configuration of 6 cores while Core i3 become a CPU of 4 cores. In this way, it seems that the new family of CPUs will not take a good start at launch, although the prices of these processors are quite similar to the launch price of the previous generation, but limited stock will make it difficult to sell easily and you would see inflate prices.

This lack of stock is due to the fact that Coffee Lake was initially due to arrive in early 2018, but AMD Ryzen shattered the plans and forced Intel to advance the launch without having enough stock.

“According to what has been communicated to the sales channels so far, there will be almost no Coffee Lake CPU available throughout October and November. The situation is not expected to improve until at least the middle of December, but no one dares to offer any guarantee of good access until after the end of the year. “

While the stock is expected to flow normally in early 2018, AMD will again hit hard with its new “Pinnacle” architecture, giving rise to AMD Ryzen 2 CPUs that include major improvements, such as achieving higher frequencies alongside improvements tied to remarkable brand new 12nm architecture from GlobalFoundries that improves performance and power consumption to restore AMD’s leadership in the desktop market (mainstream market).

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