Players often choose to kill “sheep” in the name of  Intel Celeron – the preferred cheap Celeron processors are the person’s choice, but now Celeron processor is super-low-end choice for many of us due to heavy applications / games of today’s era. Intel recently issued a circular that, Celeron M530 processor began to withdraw from active service after September of this year, so Celeron M530 processor will complete a cycle of full 10 years in market.

Intel Celeron M530 will be Retired after September 2015


Celeron M530 processor involved was released in the 2006 Q3 quarter, FSB frequency of 533MHz, single-core 64-bit architecture, the frequency of 1.733GHz, TDP power consumption of 30W, or use the 65nm process (then still very advanced), the core area of 143mm2, the number of transistors 291 million, and PGA478 have BGA479 two packages, but most people have seen Celeron M530 in cheap notebooks.

The processor is too old, so that many people do not remember it, on the desktop and notebook market not long ago disappeared, and this is actually retired embedded processor market, the industry has always been durable processor not bad, you know Intel in 2013 was officially retired the Pentium III processor in the embedded market, which, from its publication has listed 14 years, and compared to the Celeron M530 is still very young.

Although the notice was released on the 25th of this month, but the Celeron M530 retirement process will begin from September 28, 2015.

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