There are now nearly two months passed, we have learned that the integrated IGPU performance of Intel Broadwell CPUs should be revised upwards in scale by more units of calculations. GT2 and GT3 will give the benefit and increment of 20% of their execution units 24 and 48 respectively. To avoid the misleading among consumer and present the things more clearly, Intel may revise the names of its IGPU.

Intel Brodwell iris pro graphics
Intel Broadwell-H desktop computers on socket LGA 1150 could receive GT2 and GT3e which would be called HD Graphics 5600 at first and Iris Pro Graphics 6200 for the second with eDRAM chip board.

For Broadwell-U which will serve the Ultrabooks must equip with three variants: GT2 and GT3 for SoC TDP of 15 W and GT3 with a TDP of 28 W. Their respective names would be: HD Graphics 5500, 6000 and Iris Graphics 6100 (without chip eDRAM).

Finally, the small-Y Broadwell platforms which are very low in power Consumption only 4.5w TDP, their IGPU would be called HD 5300 Graphics with unknown frequencies, but scaled down if we compared to other GT2.

Budget Celeron and Pentium processors will be manufactured with GT1 GPU, called simply HD Graphics.

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