Yesterday we saw Intel mainstream desktop future product Skylake-S. Now the latest news puts more oil on the flames and revealed that, Broadwell-E Mass Production Begins in Q1 of 2016. You can say it as an upgraded version of the current Haswell-E, but the production process is now upgrading from 22nm to 14nm, as for the other does not seem to change much.

Intel Broadwell-E Mass Production Begins In Q1 2016


Intel Broadwell-E will continue to use the LGA2011-v3 Socket X99 chipset. 8 Core version and 6 core versions are there all with unlocked multiplier giving hefty punch of Ocing. The max you can provide is 4 PCI-E channel. When it comes to TDP is yet 140 Watts. The biggest difference between the two generations of architecture, i.e.: The Broadwell-E and Haswell-E is the FSB increased to 2400MHz DDR4.

As for its release, not possible in the second quarter of next year, as Intel will come with Pre-ES sample E, after the 36 weeks they will release ES samples.  There is no flagship platform from competitors, so Intel is not worried about the next year.

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