Intel is countinuing to improve their existing 22nm Bay Trail-T, before the arrival of the Next Generation 14nm platform. Intel Z3700 Series is fully for tablets and spotted in an OEM manufacturer roadmap, the aimed is to focus at $200+, $150+ and $99+ tablet market segments.

Intel Atom Z3700 Series Tablet Processors: Frequency really Slow

Today, Intel Annouced to change some products, called a meet supply needs, the Atom Z3700 Series will be changing the factory, and production will move in Vietnam, Intel also relived the list of their new ATOM Z3700 Series Processors.

Still the full Specification is unknown, but the series is currently core stepping B2, B3 and the new uniform will be upgraded to C0, to improve the hardware level.

Additionally the frequency is released, the High-End 64-bit processor is Atom Z3795 dedicated accelerate to 1.6GHz. Others existing models are similar in grade, of 1.5GHz, 1.46GHz, 1.33GHz.

Intel Atom Z3700 Series Processors
Intel Atom Z3700 Series Processors

All frequencies are almost similar, but Turbo Boost frequency still yet to be announced, Of course, According to previous rumors Z3775 highest you can go to 2.39GHz.

There are two Z3735F, Z3735G for the flagship Android tablet, but not listed here. Seems to be will be released later this frequency is equally likely to 1.33GHz.

Intel you are really too complicated.

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