Intel has previously released their Broadwell-Y and also Broadwell-U series microchips available only to OEMs . The Broadwell-K line is going to continue with the exact same architectural improvements , providing a 5% IPC enhancement , a 14nm process node along with the hottest HD 6200 Iris Pro iGPU which is able to amplify the overall performance of the iGPU capabilities of the energy economical microchip . Intel had the following to express in the course of their GDC 2015 disclosure :


Intel recently introduced our 5th Generation Intel® Core™ processors resulting in a wave of products built on Intel’s industry-leading 14nm process technology. In a new disclosure at GDC, Intel showed the first 5th Generation Core LGA-socketed CPU with Intel® Iris™ Pro graphics. This 65 watt unlocked desktop processor, available mid-2015, will bring new levels of performance and power efficiency to Mini PCs and desktop All-In-Ones. Since 2006 the 3D performance of Intel Graphics has increased nearly 100 fold (Intel 3DMark06 measurements) and powerful form factors from Acer, Medion and Intel’s own NUCs are becoming available with 5th Generation Intel Core processors with Intel Iris Graphics.

This all benefits game developers who will have new ways to create immersive games building on new technologies with multi-user multi-touch, virtual and augmented reality, and RealSense. Intel is also helping define and support new programming models like DirectX 12 (DX12) and Vulkan (the evolution of the OpenGL API), as well as delivering improved, world-class developer tools. via Intel.

The astonishing factor is that Intel is going to bring solely quad core microchips to the socketed platform that will take on the Broadwell core design which is based upon a 14nm process node . The Quad Core components that have a un-locked core , offer compatible use with Z97/H97 chipset structured motherboards with the LGA1150 socket and bears a tiny TDP of only 65W . The brand new Broadwell-K range are meant to feature 4 Broadwell x86 cores and also faster Iris Pro graphics microchips with eDRAM cache on board ( 128MB L4 Crystalwell ) , that is definitely Intel’s flagship GPU manufactured to date incorporating 48 execution units . The particular versions are not identified yet however, Intel will probably be employing the Core-5000 series labeling for the brand new microchips whenever they will be available for sale .


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The statement from Intel may allude to exactly why they are bumping for the 65W TDP on Broadwell-K being that they are attempting to focus them for Mini PCs , NUCs as well as AIO desktops . PC Perspective managed to get hands on some shots off a demo rig sporting an Broadwell-K CPU on EVGA’s Z97 Classified motherboard with the typical Intel heatsink . Now technical sections were discovered but Intel did demo the brand new microchip with Futuremark’s most recent DirectX 12 benchmark . Given that Broadwell-K will really exist together with Skylake processors which will launch in August-October 2015 , it is anticipated that Broadwell-K is going to adhere with small form factor units that necessitate low temps and bears smaller power requirements whilst Skylake-K 95W components will be taking on the more performance PCs . Broadwell Gen. of processors can easily still be utilized as normal socketed components for overclocking and personal use on the LGA 1150 motherboards that was introduced in beginning of 2014 .


Source and credit: PC Perspective

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