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Intel and AMD reportedly in talks over GPU lisencing

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Intel is reportedly in a discussion, mainly for an agreement with Advanced Micro Devices for the purpose of GPU license patents. The news was first published on the Bloomberg recently, which also resulted in 5% rise in AMD’s shares.

Intel and AMD reportedly in talks over GPU lisencing

Earlier, back in 2011, the Intel signed an agreement worth $1.5 billion with Nvidia, the main rival of AMD in graphics market for similar reason. And the deal is scheduled to expire in March next year and therefore, the company is looking for a new agreement with Nvidia’s main rival and a way to save some licensing fee.

As of now, report couldn’t be seen on the website of Bloomberg but its referred to Bloomberg by most of the analysts, maybe it got published on the site lately.

AMD is rolling out its Polaris line-up based on 14nm FinFET this year, during summer and Intel might see it as an opportunity to partner with AMD. Moreover, the chip making company also stated that they will support AMD FreeSync for refresh monitors instead of Nvidia G-Sync.

Currently, the terms between Intel and AMD are going smoothly, though both are manufacturing microprocessor chips. But without any doubt, Intel enjoys the market lead among customers. AMD’s financial status is also not that good and according to the reports, it was looking for a new source of capitalizing the production.

Things are yet to be officially confirmed. It could be beneficial for AMD if happens in future. Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: PCWorld