In the middle of last week, a roadmap was leaked with all the products that Intel will launch this year on 10nm manufacturing process, and it was very curious to find the Alder Lake desktop processors, for which we still need to wait for two generations, including Comet Lake CPUs in 2020, which will be replaced in 2021 by Rocket Lake, and after that Alder Lake would arrive in 2022.

Although the Comet Lake will arrive in May, we will have to wait until 2021 to use the Rocket Lake CPUs, which will maintain the LGA1200 socket and the @ 14nm manufacturing process, it does promise a performance improvement by offering Willow Cove cores (the same as Tiger Lake), but due to the manufacturing process used in this adaptation is not optimal, so the company will see how its top-of-the-range processor will go from offering 10 to 8 cores.

A year later, Intel Alder Lake will be launched under LGA1700 socket, where we are really facing a new socket where all current Heatsinks will not be compatible. Although the most important thing is manufacturing process node @ 10nm for desktops in their top-of-the-range version, they will offer 8 high-performance cores + 8 energy-efficient cores along with an iGPU with a TDP of 125W. This configuration mimics the Big.LITTLE architecture that ARM employs in SoCs for smartphones.

Now we will have to wait to see how something like this behaves on a PC.