Intel is preparing a revolution in the processors… Actually, in their shape and technology. The latest details have been disclosed at a secret conference in Haifa, which invited only a few trusted editors from around the world.

Leaked Information on Intel 8th Generation Processors planned for 2018


Virtually all of the processors have a rectangular or square shape, because that initially it was easier to design and construct. Intel’s Israeli branch, however, conducted a thorough research to optimize the shape of microprocessors and came to some interesting conclusions. It turns out that circular shape will be better because it minimizes the cost of production and slightly improved yield relative to conventional designs.

The engineers decided to use their research and include them in the long-term plan IC design. What can we expect?


At a secret conference they did not disclose too much information. It is known that in future processors for PCs will be exactly in a circular shape (both in terms of laminate and heat WinGuard). As you’d guess, also changes the same slot – although there will be round, but it has to have a more rounded edges.

A representative of Intel was not willing to disclose when the series will be introduced to a new design, but the more likely we will see the 8th Generation Processors. The next-Generation is planned for 2018 years. 8th Generation Why? For some time, one riser has supported two generations of Intel – LGA 1150 works with models of 4th Haswell and 5th Broadwell generation, and LGA 1151 is expected to support models of 6th talking about Skylake and for 7th generation there is Cannonlake generation. So it appears that in only 8 Generation of processors will radically change the shape of the processor and the bases, but this news is not officially confirmed, so take it with a pinch of salt.


The new shape of processors primarily will reduce the PCB – the surface is to be reduced by 21%, which also have a positive impact on the cost of production of the systems. Studies have shown that the new design will also allow for increased yield of 0.067% manufacture processors – it is not too much, but also fine-tune this parameter is very important in terms of profitability.

But this is not the end, because the changes will reach a silicon core construction and distribution of its individual elements. According to studies, these changes also translate into a slight (about 4%) increase in productivity. Reshaping WinGuard heat and its attachment to allow a better removal of heat – here’s engineers expect a 14% improvement in conductivity. From backstage interviews we found out that the next generation of processors has to be characterized by a much better potential for Overclocking. It is not known whether this is due to the optimization of thermal conductivity, or entirely new microarchitecture and reduce process.

intel-next-gen-processor (2)

We must therefore admit that the new generation of processors promises to be quite interesting. For more information, we need to know about it next week on the occasion of IDF 2015.


As some of you guessed, It was a joke to celebrate April Fools;-)


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