Intel Skylake is the new architecture succeeding the die shrink that is Broadwell. It will come in two models, namely an i5 and an i7 variant. Both SKUs will have their multiplier locked, which means you can’t overclock these using the conventional methods. After Six months, Intel will launch products on Boardwell architecture, but of course, almost everyone is looking at the Second half, as in this quarter, Intel will come up with the Skylake Processors which will also support the DDR4 memory. According to VR-Zone Chinese report, Skylake-S processor architecture is the first one to be released and after 41 weeks they will start to send samples.

Intel 14nm Skylake-S ES-1 Sample Pictured – Samples begin from Q2 2015

Intel 14nm Skylake-S ES-1

Currently there are two kinds of products from Skylake-S, one is “4 + 2” ordinary model clock at 2.3GHz (Turbo 2.9GHz) quad-core, built GT2 Graphics graphics core, TDP is 95W, another is believed to be from the Xeon series, frequency of 2.2GHz (Turbo 2.4GHz), TDP is 80W, they all supportDDR3 and DDR4 memory.

Skylake-S is a desktop platform product which are not for Overclocking and does not support FIVR voltage regulator modules, socket type is the new LGA1151, the contact is much more than a simple layout and current LGA1150 have been very different, with only Z170, H170, B150, Q150 and Q170.

Intel 14nm Skylake

If everything will be on the right path, Intel will launch this series of processors in Q2 quarter of next year, while Overclocking processors would be available by a little later, namely Broadwell-K which is also in 14nm process. But still uses the LGA1150 socket and a few months ago ultra-low-power Skylake-Y series has also started sending samples to test, but this series does not support DDR4.

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