Since 2007 Tick-Tock pendulum proposed strategy, Intel in the past four generations of intelligent processor upgrading process with the law and architecture until 2014 on the 14nm. Intel “miss” at Broadwell which was supposed to release in the Q2 of 2014, but this year 14nm process node is in mass production scale. 14nm process will go over 10nm node transition process, which is expected to come out in early 2017.

Intel Cannonlake will Replace the Skylakes Processors, expected to come in 2017


The 10nm semiconductor manufacturing process has been fast approaching the physical limits of silicon-based semiconductors and manufacturing is now becoming more and more difficult, costs and risks are increasing. If you follow two years before roadmap of Intel, the 10nm process node was expected to come out at the beginning of the year 2015, but Intel in the 14nm process has been planted fall –14nm 3D transistor technology immaturity, yield not, so constantly postponed. Earnings conference last month, Intel CEO Corzine odd position on 10nm process is also much more cautious and did not disclose the 10nm process suitable for mass production.

Intel Middle East, North Africa, General Manager Taha Khalifa in an interview a few days ago talking about the problem, he said, “Over the past 40 years we have been following the Moore’s Law. Intel, it has also become the core of Intel technology innovation process chip is expected. 10nm 2017 came early. “

In 2017 there are more than 2 years from the time now, Intel’s first 10nm processor chip, code-named Cannonlake, mainly to replace this year’s Skylake processor, with 200 series chipset, previously expected to be launched in 2016.

As for this year, Intel’s main focus is to solve the 14nm process processors, due to delays of Broadwell. During this year Intel will launch two generations of Intel 14nm processor technology – Broadwell and Skylake, the two different architectures, different interfaces, chipset and Memory is also different, Intel can get a good deal with the relationship between the two down.

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