Intel and Samsung this year’s mainstream process technology is 14nm FinFET, for TSMC its second half of the production will be based on 16nm FinFET technology and on their next-generation 10nm process under very tight chase, mass production is expected in 2017. Intel now touches the mark of not to worry and also delayed the manufacture and installation time for 10nm process node, although Intel has been promoting 7nm in various occasions, even 10nm process in the how better to do at the cost of upgrading the transistor density, reduce, but it seems like Intel own eager to start a new investment process is not getting flamed or maybe it is too expensive to start.


If in accordance with the original plan, Intel will be into the 10nm node after the next two years, but the 14nm process once last year extension, and was prepared to begin the installation of Intle 10nm fab process manufacturing facilities in Israel in March of this year, but Now installation program has been postponed to December.

More advanced technology means higher transistor density, which will result in higher performance, lower cost, but the investment of advanced technology has reached over one billion or even billions of dollars of capital investment is also a pre-heavy burden. In yesterday’s earnings call, Intle executive said, “By 14nm, 10nm, and early studies 7nm, the transistor density (benefits) will be offset by the impact of investment capital per square inch wafers.”

The CEO also said that under Corzine odd 10nm process wafers capital investment costs will increase, but not as much so the transistor density. But Intel’s 10nm process refused to give the expected time, also refused to respond to the aforementioned 10nm manufacturing equipment postpone installation reports, saying only that 10nm process is the next thing, everything is proceeding as planned.

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