Earlier this week, he had reports regarding one of the former Microsoft exclusive titles, Inside making its way towards PlayStation 4.

Later on, the studio Playdead confirmed that the game is indeed headed for the PlayStation 4 console an will be released later this month, on August 23rd. The game was released for PC and Xbox One on July 29th. The case of Inside is pretty similar to Limbo, which was developed by the same studio and was the first release on Xbox 360, and then later it was released for PlayStation 3.

The news was announced by studio Playdead itself on the YouTube, publishing the trailer for the game’s PS4 version while confirming the release date as well. Have a look into the trailer below;

Inside was revealed during Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference with a release date of sometime in 2015 but it was delayed until July 2016. It received very positive response from the fans as well as from critics.

The 2D game features an amazingly animated environment in the game, with a story of a young boy who gets lost somewhere and has to use the environment to solve his problems and obstacles. Stay tuned for more updates!