In the product portfolio of Inno3D graphics products the most high-end are the ice dragon Black Gold Edition featured the hybrid heat sink provided by the Swiss-known manufacturers AC, before the GTX 980/970 using Accelero Hybrid S, and now they implemented their radiator on just yesterday released GTX Titan X, will be available in three-color LED (color depends on the graphics card load) and the material also changed to the True Metal.

Inno3D Rolls Ou iChill Geforce GTX Titan X 12GB Black


Inno3D iChill Geforce GTX Titan X radiator appearance is almost same as GTX 980/970 using Accelero Hybrid S, but this time the material they used to build is real metal for a better metallic finish.

In addition, such a high-end graphics cards, faith cannot be less natural light, top and front LOGO are built-in LED lights and the color of LOGO will be changed according to the graphics card load, from low to high are blue, green, red.

Inno3D iChill Geforce GTX Titan X Water-Cooling burn-in test result. 30% cooler than reference cooler!


Inno3D did not disclose additional information, but we can estimate that the frequencies will be higher than the reference version of Graphics card, also the price will be higher (official price of GTX Titan X is $999). That’s all folks.

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