So you like next Gen visuals of the Grand Theft Auto V? I don’t care. You are fond of music? Right? The game will be equipped with 162 new songs? pfff!! Grand Theft Auto in a first person perspective? So…?

Play game as a seagull or hen? Yes, you grabbed my attention.

Grand Theft Auto V with the new port is coming to the latest generation consoles and PC, but apart from the Graphics, 162 new songs, better texture, first person players have found a new easter egg in the game as you can into duck, chicken, seagull and a variety of other animals.

For turning your character into animals you have to consume different types of plants which have been scattered around the whole map. Till now more than 27 plant locations with 27 species of animals has been revealed in several videos on YouTube. I don’t think so this new implementation will lead the game to the new heights. I’ll be hunting out these peyote plants at a constant clip once I fire up my game again this morning. What a bonkers addition from Rockstar, right?

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