CTIA (Cellular Communications Industry Association) has pleaded to all the major mobile manufacturers to implement a special feature in their phones at the production stage called the “button on death” also called “kill switch” which remotely deletes all the private data, such as photos, videos, contacts, and other types of media that are associated with the owners e-security.

In 2015, All Smartphones will be equipped with “kill Switch”: Allow The User to remotely erase all the private data in case the phone is stolen 

Smartphones with kill switches would prove to be a beneficial feature that would allow the user to remotely erase all the private data in case the phone is stolen or some other situation where the need arises.

smartphone Kill Switch

US associations have requested to the manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, Apple, AT&T and a few more to add this feature as a compulsory facility since identities from stolen may be used in other crimes. The retrieval of the info deleted by the kill switch would only be possible by the user using a backup pipeline. Thus making this feature even more convenient and secure to use and implement.

The authorities (including Apple, Samsung Electronics, Google and HTC) and major U.S. Carriers Verizon Communications, AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile US and US Cellular made sure that all Smartphones in 2015 must have this feature as a compulsory.

This movement was coaliated when millions of American citizens agreed to this feature in a survey and 10 mobile brands signed the contract to implement the kill switch in their devices. Experts say that $1.6 Billion would be saved in America if the kill switches are featured on all the phones. Imagine to what extent this would benefit the users around the globe then.

The movement is generally to reduce the rate of mobile thefts since this wouldn’t encourage the thieves to steal the device. Thus making our cyber life, even safer than it is now.

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