In 2020, as cities went under lockdowns, social distancing measures were enforced, and we had to stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19, most of us went looking for some kind of resort from the world news, and different forms of entertainment. For those tired of the same movies and TV shows on the same streaming platforms, or even tired of the same old video games, online casinos became a fun and safe alternative, providing many classic table games and the possibility of earning money.

Online casinos have been around for some time now, and the first one was created around 1994. By the end of that decade, there were already several companies providing casino games online, but the offer of games was still very limited, and slot machines accounted for most of the online gambling industry in that time. However, as online casino gaming technology was improved, companies were able to come up with better graphics and new gameplays, and increase the variety of games offered in online casinos.

Today, the selection of games is huge, and novice players might end up committing some mistakes that make it difficult to avoid losses and earn some money. But if you follow these few simple steps, you’ll be able to develop your gaming and improve your winnings.

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Game selection

Retro Games

The simplest thing to do to improve gaming winnings is selecting the correct game variants and tables, those that offer the better odds and the lowest house edges, which is the amount of money a player loses on average over time.

For blackjack, most online casinos offer tables with two different payouts for a natural blackjack (ace, 10): 3:2 and 6:5. You should always play at 3:2 tables, as the 3-to-2 ratio means a $100 bet will get a $150 payout for a natural blackjack, while the 6-to-5 ratio pays out $120 for the same wager. Furthermore, you’ll only get a 6:5 payout on amounts divisible by 5 – any overage is paid off at even money. The house edge is also different for each payout. In 3:2 tables, the house edge is usually around 1%, which means you’ll lose $1 for every $100 wagered. In 6:5 tables, the house advantage is usually around 2.5%.

For roulette tables, you should also pay attention to the game variant. Almost every casino offers both the American roulette and the French roulette. The main difference is the wheel layout. The American wheel features two zero pockets, and the French wheel has only one. This represents a big difference in the house edge: since the French roulette has a total of 37 pockets, it has a house edge of just 2.7%. The American roulette has an extra pocket, totaling 38, which leads to a much larger house edge of 5.26%. So you should always play the French version of the game.

As for baccarat, casinos usually offer games using eight decks of cards, six decks and one deck. Single-deck games are those with the lowest house edge, which is 1.0117%. In comparison with eight-deck games, this represents a 4.4% decrease in the house advantage. It may not seem much, but it can lead to big losses over time.

Optimal bets

Apart from the game selection, each game has a few bets that present the best odds, but usually with lower payouts. While it may sound discouraging, as a novice player, you should always opt for these types of wagers, as they’ll give the higher chances of winning.

In roulette, the wagers with the best odds are the outside bets. These wagers are placed outside the roulette table’s number field and indicate a bet on a predetermined range of numbers: high or low, red or black, even or odd, one of three dozens, and one of three columns. The odds and house edges vary with each bet.

When playing baccarat, you should always play the banker bet, as statistics show that the banker tends to win 50.68% of the hands. However, there are some situations in which the player bet is the better option, like the banker bet commission, a 5% commission on every winning banker bet. You should never play the pair or tie bets, as the house edge of these bets is too high.

Finally, when playing blackjack, stay away from insurance and other side bets. They might seem attractive to beginners, as they offer a chance to break even or big payouts, but they are negative expectation bets. With insurance, bettors get paid 2:1 in case the dealer has a natural blackjack. But this bet only becomes available if the dealer is showing an ace as the upcard – in these situations, the dealer’s odds for hitting the blackjack are too low, and the dealer won’t hit it enough times to make this bet profitable. Besides, insurance and side bets increase the house edge to over 7%.

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