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In the past January there were some of the most innovative companies presented at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). This show is hosted by the Japan External Trade Organization. These are all brands that work hard to develop something. They’re the following (in no specific order): 

  • Gatebox Inc: This brand creates holographic AI-based systems which bring virtual characters to life. You will feel like as if the character is actually alive and there with you. There’s the possibility to talk with the it (allows for both speech synthesis and also for a natural voice). This is definitely something to show off for those who come to your house. 
  • Langualess Ltd.: This product, called “INUPATHY”, helps you to monitor your dog’s health and health through a harness. It’s easy to wear and your dog can wear it anywhere. Plus, there’s an app to actually see anything your dog is feeling. 
  • World Matcha Inc.: This is a matcha maker that will serve you with an authentic matcha flavor. Basically, everything that this company makes has been awarded, so it’s definitely a good buy. 
  • Shiftall Inc.: It creates advanced IoT products for other brands in very little time. One of these products is “Cook’Keep”, which is a cooking appliance that will store a meal refrigerated and then it’s able to heat it remotely. Something that it’s very handy these days. 
  • Mui Lab Inc: It’s a wooden smart panel that serves as a smart home control. It connects with different home devices and it also has functions such as notifications, music and light controller and much more. This is a very unique product because it doesn’t have that robotic sense. On the contrary. 
  • Life is Tech USA, inc: This brand helped Disney built the Disneyillusion program, that teaches coding while it combines entertainment with education. Basically, it lets kids learn coding very easily with their favorite characters from Disney. It’s definitely worth to see this brand very closely. 
  • GROOVE X, Inc: It has developed the AI-operated robot “LOVOT” which is perfect for kids and for everyone else who needs love or a hug. Or both. This is the perfect gift for someone you love or just for yourself. “LOVOT” was awarded the best robot of CES in 2019 by The Verge. 

Why are these companies important? 

These companies are definitely important to Japan’s development regarding, for example, AI or IoT. So, it’s essential that they keep on appearing and evolving. There’s a long path to go, but these Japanese brands have done really good when it comes to developing incredible technology. Of course, some tech is essential and can help us in ways that other can’t. But still, there are some ways that these brands can help each other to develop a better future. And, who knows, what might come. Maybe a flying car. 

Unfortunately, none of the brands that were mentioned above made it to the best ones in the CES of 2020. However, they’re still very relevant to Japan since they’re doing an incredible work for this country’s technology and enhancement of technology. So, there’s no way of knowing what next year reserves us. 

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