Home News IBM had 12-core processor @ 5.20 GHz under GlobalFoundries 14nm in 2018

IBM had 12-core processor @ 5.20 GHz under GlobalFoundries 14nm in 2018

IBM Z15 Model T01

While Intel’s 14nm is also going through its 4th Generation (14nm, 14nm +, 14nm ++ and 14nm +++), the company has only managed to reach 8 cores at a frequency of 5.00 GHz after squeezing the architecture like empty toothpaste.

If anyone has more CPU-improved power than Intel, it’s probably blue giant IBM, which although abandoned the consumer CPU market, but would have been a great competitor, and a sample of this is its IBM Z15 Model T01 processor created in the year 2018, but it has not been seen until now.

The IBM Z15 Model T01 is a variant of Power 9 processor that offers 12 cores in a size of 696 mm2 (approximately 3-4 times the size of an ordinary 8-core desktop processor) integrating 9.2 billion transistors and reaching a frequency of 5.20. GHz. Each core is equipped with 128 KB of L1 cache, 128 KB of L1 instruction cache, 4 + 4 MB of L2 eDRAM cache and 256 MB of L3 cache, and it supports DIMM memory sticks of up to 512 GB capacity.

The processor was developed using 14nm lithography from GlobalFoundries, but with SOI technology (fabrication of silicon semiconductor devices in a layered silicon–insulator to reduce parasitic capacitance within the device, thereby improving performance). It is necessary to know that AMD’s 14nm Zen processors also manufactured on GlobalFoundries 14nm process node, but without SOI technology, thus AMD managed to reach 8 cores @ 4.00 GHz, while IBM reached 12 cores @ 5.20 GHz, so it not only exceeds AMD, but the already recycled Intel 14nm +++ limited to 10 cores @ 5.00 GHz.