Speaking on the topic of consumer solutions, such as the case with DDR4 memory is only used by FPS platform Intel Haswell-E, but in the middle of the year is to join a second, more affordable – Intel Skylake. Hynix is thinking about to produce more efficient modules DDR4 in order to full fill the demand this year.

The memory controller in the CPU Haswell-E operates at a frequency of 2133 MHz, but shift the memory divider is not a major problem and can be found on the market sets the timing of up to 3400 MHz up.

Intel Skylake systems to dispose of DDR4 memory frequency 2666 MHz, so you can count on the most efficient acceleration kits to over 3400 MHz. Although the JEDEC specification provides DDR4 memory frequency 4266 MHz up, but these kits will have to wait a little longer.

The company Hynix has already announced that it plans to produce DDR4 memory chips capable of operating at a frequency of 2666 MHz and delays CL17-17-17 – all with a standard supply voltage of 1.2 V. Mass production is scheduled to begin later this year.

Source: KitGuru

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