Crytek renews the face of its new title – previously known as Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age – renaming it to Hunt: Showdown along with the presentation of a new teaser trailer:

Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age renamed to ‘Hunt: Showdown’

The description reads;

When two hunters risk everything
And evil waits unseen
The hunter becomes the hunted 

The title had been announced in early 2014 and was the first development of the Crytek USA studio, but shortly after it was announced, Crytek closed down the studio amidst financial troubles, and moved development to its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. It was a cooperative shooter with similar elements of Left 4 Dead, for four players, and free-to-play, as part of the “Games-As-A-Service” program. It had been seen for the first time during the time of the E3 of that year (2014), generating good expectations.

Hunt: Showdown set in the late nineteenth century, proposed to go out and fight mythological monsters in huge environments, featuring bloodthirsty creatures with huge heads.

Below you can see the video of its previous version, although the new teaser seems to point to another type of style – even darker – and may have been reduced to a cooperative of only two players. Hopefully we can see more about this game during E3 next month.

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