Google’s Nexus smartphones releases have never truly taken after the timetable of other makers, so while we’ve seen a ton of prominent handsets make their bow in the first a large portion of 2015, the current year’s Nexus has yet to show up.

When it does show up, we’re anticipating that Huawei should be the organization behind the smartphone, and an all around Chinese expert has recently signed up a couple of more dabs concerning what’s in store.

He says the new Nexus will include a 5.7-inch vivid display with a QHD panel. It’s additionally going to accompany the Snapdragon 810 introduced, by with within track on Google’s plans.

Precisely where this fits into the Nexus line-up isn’t clear. A few bits of gossip recommend the Huawei  smartphone will be a trade for the Nexus 5 while others say its the successor to the 6. We’ve additionally heard whispers of a second top-end Nexus impending this year made by LG.

With a 5.7-inch screen the Huawei Nexus would fit directly between the 4.95-inch display of the Nexus 5 and the 5.96-inch panel found on the Nexus 6. It would appear that devotees of littler panel will be in a tight spot.

Obviously the Nexus 7 name is as of now taken so Google’s going to need to do some innovative deduction to think of another numbering strategy- or maybe it will simply keep the 5, 6 and 7 names set up and discharge new versions.


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