YouTube recently announced that it will upgrade to HTML5 video player as a default player, so that is the beginning of a large-scale abandon of Flash player, Adobe faint cry in the pit it? (A tribute to the Friends of the station!)

HTML5 has become the default player on YouTube video playback website platform


HTML5 will become the default choice for the Chrome, IE11, Safari, the latest version of Firefox beta and other browsers, these players accounted for 99% of the market.

In addition to the large-scale use of HTML5 for YouTube locally, it also involves a lot of blogs, applications and other software calls the problem, YouTube engineer Richard Leider said that they would do it with a congregation-related software developers discuss optimized, also said that HTML5 will bring better and more flexible experience. Technically speaking, using HTML5 can save bandwidth, faster loading time and reduce the file size, etc., which is also for ultra-high-definition 4K @ 60fps playback to provide better technical support.

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