HTC announced that the pre-purchase for the long awaited HTC Vive will start from February 29th. Cher Wang told the Telegraph the company had refocused on virtual reality (VR) and far from cell phones, saying the company is now “more realistic”.

HTC Vive Will Be Available For Pre-Order From February 29th, still shipping in April


“Yes, smartphones are important, but to create a natural extension to other connected devices like wearables and virtual reality is more important,” she said.

HTC Vive has been developed with the cooperation of Valve, intended to completely inundate its wearer in their virtual surroundings while playing games. It will go on more extensive business deal in April, and will compete with Facebook-owned Oculus Rift and Sony’s PlayStation VR as the innovation  finally enters the standard.

“I think the problem was competition – Apple, Xiaomi, these companies spend tons of money on communications and marketing, they pump a huge amount of investment into the market. There are a lot of Chinese competitors.”

The HTC Re Vive will have a panel with a resolution of  2400 x 2160 pixels (1200 x 1080p for each eye) and, like its competitors as Oculus Rift for us, we don’t need a smartphone, but a PC with high performance that allows fluent move. In its final version we find a more compact design, a new front camera that allows use in a smaller space, has a range of four hours duration and is accompanied by two controllers with haptic joystick.