Today a group of HTC Tablet-HTX Babel conceptual design, comes with the very new style of HTC One, the eye catching thing about this tablet is capable of running  Dual System 64bit Windows8 and Android.

The all new HTC One 2 is a full metal body tablet, the screen size would be 10-inch and screen resolution would be 1920 × 1440 or 2560 × 1920 resolution (depending on system operation can convert different resolutions?).  Front camera is 2MegaPixel and the rear is a 13Mega pixel with Dual Flash. The HTC One 2 tablet is also equipped with stylus, almost look like a pen, and the pen has a button on the end.

HTC One 2 tablet concept: Android and Win8 Dual-OS

HTC One 2 tablet concept: Android and Win8 Dual-OS

If this is HTC One 2 than dual system, Android and Windows8 will be the best combination in terms of huge selling. We think that this tablet would be the HTC One 2, and if we see “2” is also referred to the something nature fact, may be dual system?

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