In an effort to reduce expenses, HTC plans to lay off 600 workers. Those employees, who are in Taiwan, will be dismissed at the end of October all according to a report by DigiTimes. Of these 600 employees, about 400 are working in research, development and production in HTC headquarters in Taoyuan.

These layoffs have already been confirmed by the Government of Taoyuan City, who says he has “received the plan of liquidation of HTC. ” The remaining employees will lay HTC working on Xindian production plant and layoff plans are confirmed by the Government of New Taipei City.

HTC announced last month its intention to reduce operating costs by 35 percent and get rid of 15 percent of its workforce. Given that the current staff of HTC includes 15,000 people, there will be a dismissal of around 2,250 jobs.

Via: NextPowerUp