It is high time that the mobile manufacturers started making a declaration of their activities in the next year. The first plan is already betrayed by HTC. Jack Tong, president of HTC North Asia, said in a recent interview that in 2015 you can expect a fairly significant wider range of smartphones with the HTC logo. He added that models will be based on the product portfolio of medium and low price, depends on the specifications, however, LTE connectivity smartphones.

HTC Expressed their plans for Next Year


This declaration is not particularly surprising, as these devices are beginning to appear in the offer of an increasing number of manufacturers in the market and apparently they saw here another chance to gain more customers.

Some of the new models will be sold only as Asia and the most interesting thing is that, they will be available only in online sales. Thus, HTC decides to step, which we already know, thanks to Xiaomi for coming with such cooperative strategy. Also, we cannot forget that they come with good specification smartphones in attractive pricing and wonder when HTC will do the same.

At the same time we should add that the Taiwanese manufacturer has not forgotten about customers with the most wallets. For them, they are preparing the powerful HTC One (M9), which is likely to be equipped with Snapdragon processor 810 and 20.7 megapixels Camera.