All things considered, February’s record of sales is still higher in the grand plan — with the organization encountering 33.8 percent in development contrasted the very same month a year ago. That number, coupled with the climbing interest for cell phones, proposes that the semiconductor business will have a generally better year than the past 2014.

“I know the company, I know the people, and I have the vision,” Wang said, speaking to Bloomberg. “I think I am the best candidate. I suggested it.”

Chou and Wang helped to establish HTC alongside H.T. Cho in 1997, and just a couple of years after the fact, the organization would make the world’s first Android phone. The accompanying years would see some incredible items from the organization, alongside some real slips.


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Another CEO isn’t the main change that HTC is seeing in 2015. The organization is moving into item ranges that aren’t simply new to HTC — they’re new to the world. The Vive VR headset, grew in association with Valve Software, is one of the first in another wave of virtual reality headsets. This is an alternate unsafe move for an organization that doesn’t have an extraordinary history with hazardous moves.


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With no less than two noteworthy items went to market in 2015, its all that much a sink or swim time for HTC, and maybe a change in authority is simply what the organization needs.