The mobile market is quite extensive and therefore you cannot be surprised from time to time competitors more or less snaps of each other. Although in this case, this type of statement is perhaps a bit exaggerated, and also featuring too much hate.

HTC to Apple: iPhones are terribly boring


The whole thing is concerning this time Apple and its recent financial results. In the last quarter it reached record revenues and as if that was not enough, they also sold around 73 million iPhones in 3 months, but still Apple is caught up with Samsung in the number of Smartphones sold. Rivals probably look at it with envy, and their congratulations are also coming in a very specific way.

Jeff Gordon, one of the most important people of HTC, through the social networking site has recognized outstanding achievements as Apple. It also notes that the products with the logo gnawed likes apples, but not all. No sympathy has been shown for iPhones and in his opinion, iPhones are terribly boring.

This is not particularly surprising, especially since HTC has been producing smartphones. Although it is not raining here an example of any such distributions proposals, but probably talked about HTC One (M8). Is it really more interesting than the proposals of Apple? Jeff Gordon on your way very skillfully made ​​Apple congratulations and also gave a small challenge.

Source: PhoneArena, BusinessWeek