Are you a big fan of 3D. If yes, then HP has a masterpiece for you.

The organization affirmed the promising new arrival of the HP Zvr Virtual Reality Display, a huge jump forward in 3D screen engineering that will permit another level of control while working with 3D models and activities. Much like the 3D images we’ve seen in movies, for example, Avatar and Star Trek, now you can effectively control objects with your machine in a space just over the screen, turning, pivoting, and opening them with no sweat.

The new tech works through a couple of incorporating 3D glasses and 4 built in IR cams, which precisely track the development of your head and change the display with ongoing real-time parallax processing.
HP commends the most imperative applications will be available for the individuals who work in the field of architecture, 3D designs, therapeutic fields and several other medical fields.

HP Zvr Virtual Reality Monitor To Be Unveiled by HP

The HP Zvr packs a 23.6 inches gives a 1080p resolution and bears an anti glare coating which is beneficial in high lightning situations. HP Zvr incorporates one DVI-D, a 1.2 HDCP-ready Displayport and three USB 2.0 ports for any peripherals you may need to attach.

The HP Zvr is expected to offer a 3 year warranty, yet there is no release date leaked by HP, but it is expected somewhere in April and May. Stay tuned for more information.



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