We will expose the relevant aspects that a player must know about the gaming market. A game in which the objective is to win. Try to win on 22Bet.

Chance of Winning at a Bookmark: 

On the websites, different studies and reports on the gambling sector are periodically published. Based on them, in our post on Probabilities of making money with sports betting, in general:

  • 71.16% of users end the year losing.
  • 3.56% of users end updrawing,” neither win nor lose.
  • 25.28% of users end the year winning.

But we also see that the probability of winning decreases; we increase the expectation of the amount to be won. While 25.28% of users end up winning a year, only 0.77% earn more than 2,000 $ in a year.

How to Win with Sports Betting?

At this point, you already have a clear idea of the pitch. You know that winning is possible, but it is neither easy nor very likely.

Therefore, if this is what you want, you will have to have a plan. You will have to wait for its failures and take advantage of your advantages.

The plan for Success” Control Risk:

You may have heard of the Bank and the Stake. If you are not used to these terms, they may sound strange to you, but, in other words, it is nothing more than a question of budgets and risks limitations.

The Bank. It is the money you have to bet. We will call it your budget. You have to be clear about what you decide to allocate to thisbusiness.” Every business is created to profit, but no one guarantees that you cannot make a loss, so setting a budget is the way to create an order and control the risk that you are willing to accept.

The Stake. In slang, let’s say that the amount of $ you spend for each betting unit is called. You must have enough units to be able to bet for an entire season. To calculate your Stake, you can establish the following logic:

  • You have a thousand $ of Bank (budget).
  • A season lasts 10 months, so 1,000 / 10 = 100 $ per month.
  • You can make an average of 10 bets in a month, so 100/10 bets = 10 $ of Stake.

You can establish this logic in any similar way. The important thing is that you divide your budget for the number of bets you can make during a suitable season or time.

The Bank and Stake are the base on which you must settle the plan. The important thing is to understand the regularity and control that its handling provides. Imagine that you bet on average odds of 2.00. That means that, more or less, you will have a 50% chance of hitting each one of them. If in a year you make 100 bets of 10 $, in the end, you will see that you have moved in scenarios similar to the following:

Pessimistic scenario

You fail 60% of the time. In which you will star 60 x 10 = – 600 $.

You get it right 40% of the time. In which you will add 40 x 20 = 800 $.

You will end up with 800 $, that is, losing 200 $ of the initial 1000.

Middle stage

You fail 50% of the time. You will subtract 50 x 10 = – 500 $.

You get it right 50% of the time. You will add 50 x 20= 1,000 $.

You will end the year just like you started it.

Optimistic scenario

You fail 35%. You will subtract 35 x 10 = – 350 $.

You get 65% correct. You will add 65 x 20 = 1,300 $.

In this case, you will end up earning 300 $, 30% of your initial Bank.

The Key to Success: Get Only When There Is Value In A Bet: 

If you have not heard of Value, you should consult this important definition of Value in bets and discover how to calculate it and understand its importance. In general, a value bet has more realistic odds than those indicated on the house odds. Let’s imagine that we see these odds in a soccer game.

1to 2.00

Xto 3.45

2to 4.20

The house is calculating that the probabilities of each outcome occurring are:

1 – ((1 / 2.00) * 100) = 50.00%

X – ((1 / 3.45) * 100) = 28.98%

2 – ((1 / 4.20) * 100) = 23.81%

If you think the odds are correct, don’t bet on this match. Now, if your calculations say that the probability of one of the results is more significant than what they indicate, you must bet on that result.

The Enigma of Success: Creating Bets With Value: 

There is no concrete formula to establish the probability of a bet and compare it with that of the bookmaker. Each tipster has its ways, but experience, intuition, order, and knowledge about the competition are decisive.

Some about your experience. It is only achieved by walking, but if you consider a budget (Bank) and some bet amounts (Stake) as we have shown, you will acquire it without entering into risks.

Some about your intuition. Do not hesitate; in the long run, the first intuition is usually the most accurate. Don’t try to force a bet if it’s not giving you a good value. Sometimes, we lead ourselves with something and what we are looking for is not courage but the way to convince ourselves.

Some about the order. Maintaining order can be tedious, but you can break the whole plan and go into chaos if you move from a logical approach. If you are in a losing streak, follow the order. If you are on a good streak, do not go upstairs; follow the order. If you get tired of the order, do not worry; rectify and change the order.

About knowledge. If you have more experience or expertise in one type of competition, team, or betting market, focus on them. Forget the ones you don’t know or learn about them before you jump in.

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