While most of us are hesitant when it comes to promoting our business on LinkedIn, others are having a great time on this platform. LinkedIn’s advertising platform will not only help you gain engagement on LinkedIn with ease, but also ensure that your brand gets proper exposure, without the need to buy LinkedIn followers. Be it sponsored posts or mails, text ads or banners, all these ways help you gain engagement on LinkedIn. 

We can’t ignore the fact that most creators and businesses crib about LinkedIn advertising not being beneficial to them but what they don’t know is that each type of advertisement has to be used differently and has its own benefits. All you need is a little guidance and some nice tools like Social Selling Coach that can tell you how to use these advertisements the right way and where, and you’ll start observing the results in no time!

What are LinkedIn text ads and why you should use them?

LinkedIn ads are quite similar to Google ads that you see on the search pages. They use the good old pay-per-click or impression as criteria for generating revenue and are displayed in the sidebar, top of the feed, next to company logos or places where banners or posts can’t be placed. 

Introduced towards the end of 2007, text ads are great when you aren’t sure about your promotion strategy and want to test things out without paying a hefty amount of money.

This will benefit you as these clients will not only have greater buying potential, but they’ll also review or recommend you to others in their community thus allowing you to connect with a more concentrated but professional audience which will lead to better lead generation and conversion rates! 

To sum it up, here’s what makes LinkedIn text ads a great option for advertising on LinkedIn:

  1. Direct more traffic 

They help you generate more traffic by showing your ads to targeted audiences who are more likely to visit your page or website.

  1. Better leads generation

You can optimise the settings to target a particular set of audience who are more likely to engage with your page or visit your website, thus generating quality leads with ease.

  1. Pocket-friendly

If you’re new to LinkedIn or want to start promotions with a small amount, then text ads allow you to do so. You can control your budget and pay per click or for every impression.

Ways to use LinkedIn text ads

LinkedIn ads might seem tricky or complicated at first, but if used wisely, then can help you gain engagement on LinkedIn and rake in new clients easily. To achieve that you’ll need to plan things well, keep trying new strategies and analyse how the ads are doing over time. To make things a bit easier, we have listed some ways to use linkedIn ads to get the most out of them.

  • Be creative while designing your ad

Design 2-3 ads which you can post to analyse the response of the audience. While designing these ads, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  1. Add an eye-catching yet informative headline that’s hard to miss  
  2. You get 75 words in the description so make sure you use it adequately and try to fit in some keywords as you explain what the client should expect from your product.
  3. Try adding strong call to action statements and add links to landing pages, so the viewers can sign up or subscribe to your content immediately. 
  4. Add eye-catching images, a company logo or profile picture (depending on what suits your campaign).
  5. The expanded text ads have three headlines which allow you to address the user in a better way.
  • Pick your audience wisely

You can filter your audience based on job title, description, age, gender, skill sets, or company while creating campaigns. You can also sort them into different groups based on demographic details, seniority and more and publish different ads to different groups and see which combination works the best. 

  • Keep an eye on Campaign Manager 

After publishing different ads to different groups of audiences, you can keep track of how the ads are performing using Campaign Manager in the form of impressions, clicks and other metrics. You can optimise your marketing strategy in the following ways:

  1. Pause ads with low engagement every other week and replace them with new ones. 
  2. Check impressions, clicks, views and costs related to each ad individually. 
  3. Check the number of conversions on your website and the return on the ads.   
  • See what works best 

The best part about LinkedIn text ads is that you can keep testing how each ad performs in real time and replace the ones which aren’t generating enough leads. Be it adjusting target audience, raising bids, optimising content or adding other variations, everything’s possible with LinkedIn text ads! 

  • Optimize landing page 

Another important aspect that you need to take care of while posting LinkedIn text ads is that you should optimize the landing page by adding forms and customizing the URL to make sure your audience signs up or subscribes to your content without any second thoughts.

The above list highlights all the major things you need to keep in check to make the most of LinkedIn text ads. You need to remember that these ads generate results but only after proper planning and optimisation is applied to them, so hang in there and keep advertising!


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