The Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to surprise us even today. The last Easter Egg found allows us to get into the skin of a Bigfoot, though not as easy as the Peyote plants. To become Bigfoot you must have to complete the 100 percent game and you can’t just run to the peyote’s location and grab it, though: it’s a bit more complicated.

How to unlock the Bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto 5


According to data from user rkRusty, Franklin has to visit the place on a cloudy and rainy Tuesday morning between 5:30 and 8:30 he was playing the game with a 100 % game completion. That applies to the PS4 version, but it’s probably the same for the Xbox One and PC. The addresses he set in the following video, if you want the coordinates are as follows: -1472,531, 4439,456, 18,862.

P.S: You need smoggy weather on PC and snowy weather on ps4 and after 8pm I found was the best time to check on Tuesdays.
Via: Eurogamer

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