Installation of updates is said to be necessary as the new updates fix any issue encountered by many users. If we look back to the previous operating systems, the users were left with the option whether to download and install the OS updates or not. But in the latest Windows 10, Microsoft had changed the strategy and made it difficult for users to change update options.

But still we have found a few tricks to turn off the automatic downloading and installation of updates. Microsoft itself published a tool on their website to hide the updates. To do so, follow these steps:


  • Download a tool named Show or hide updates.
  • Run the tool on your computer.
  • The tool will now automatically search for all the available updates and let them be hidden preventing Windows 10 from downloading updates for that package in the future.

Preventing updates with the tool is a good way to stop the installation of updates. The tool also allows users to unhide and install updates whenever they want. You can also prevent installation of updates from another method because of network limitations. The steps to turn off windows updates are as follows:


  • Launch Windows 10 Settings with Windows key + I.
  • Click on Network & Internet > scroll down to Advanced Options.
  • Spot the Set as metered connection switch? Toggle it On.

Note: By turning off your Windows updates, your Windows won’t be able to get necessary updates and solution for a few bugs. Stay tuned for more!

Source: WCCFTech