As the internet expands each day and the technological advancements allow it to expand without limits it is safe to say that the internet plays a huge role in one’s life today. However, with all the possibilities we get from using the internet we have stopped thinking about our safety while online.

Moreover, the bigger the internet gets the bigger the threats are. We are of course, talking about hackers and scammers, forms of cybercriminals lurking on the internet, prying on private data of the users. However, as we will focus on boosting your gaming experience with VPN, it is important to understand what VPN does and how it protects the user.

What is VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an internet tool that allows users to safely browse the internet. With all the perks it brings to the table, VPN is slowly becoming one of the most popular internet tools of our time. Being connected to a public internet can leave the user vulnerable and exposed to cyber-attacks from hackers and scammers. You can also visit to get boosting services.

When talking about security VPN can provide the user with:

  • Virtual IP address – The Internet Protocol address or the IP address is an address that pinpoints the exact physical location of the user. This allows other people to track where the internet traffic is coming from and prevent any possible malicious intent from the user. It can be used to track the user by the ISP (Internet Service Provider), the government or by cybercriminals. By connecting to a different server located anywhere in the world, the VPN changes the IP address of the user and allows him to safely browse the internet without anyone knowing where the traffic is coming from.
  • Bypassing censorship and blocks – Certain websites and streaming services will not allow the user to enter a website if the IP address is not from a certain area. By changing the IP address VPN allows the user to safely gain access to any website from around the world in just a few clicks. 
  • Torrent safely without speed throttling – Since the IP address is changed VPN does not allow anyone to track from where you are torrenting and what content you are downloading. This includes the ISP.

One of the main security features of VPN is internet traffic encryption protocols. This allows VPN to successfully hide the internet traffic of the user, making it impossible for any outsiders to see it. 

These are some of the basic safety features VPN introduces to the user. However, it can also be used to boost your gaming experience in many ways.

How can VPN boost your gaming experience?

The gaming community has been thriving in the past couple of years, as new games are taking over and the esports rise has created a big boost in game sales. However, there are many factors that can affect your gaming experience and leave you stranded or unmotivated to play them. To have a better understanding on what VPN does to help you boost your gaming experience we will go through some of the basic aspects of it.


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  • Location – VPN provides a safer internet traffic that goes from the user’s device, through the internet to the virtual server. Most of the top-notch VPN providers use a large number of servers across the globe. To ensure the best possible connection and speed, try and select the server closest to your physical location. This will allow the internet to move faster, shortening the distance between the device and the server. Generally, the closer to the server you are, the better the connection will be.
  • Limit encryption – VPN uses strong encryption protocols to successfully mask your real IP address and prevent potential cyber-attacks. As good as this might sound, it actually uses more of the internet speed in order to safely protect the user from hacks. Using a 128-bit encryption over 256-bit one will greatly improve your internet connection and speed.
  • Internet protocol settings – There are two types of protocols; the UDP (User Data Program) and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). Even-though the UDP protocol is less reliable, it allows users to have fewer restrictions making your internet speed faster. On the other hand, TCP is a more reliable protocol but it is quite slower than UDP. You should opt for the one that suits your needs best.

The role of VPN in gaming

The role of VPN in gaming is almost the same as for any internet user. It is there to provide the user with full anonymity and safety while online. In terms of boosting your gaming experience VPN can provide the user with some safe methods of torrenting, buying and playing games. With the ability to change to different servers, the user can buy a certain game for a cheaper price depending on the IP address location. 

Mobile gaming

We understand that the professional esports scene made a lot of people work hard on their gaming accounts, careers and tournaments. With VPN to back you up, you can ensure that that career can only go upwards as there are no chances of someone stealing the account or extracting information from it. So, as you aim to get better at video-games you can rest assured that your account and the achievements will remain intact and yours only.

There is no reason for anyone to not use VPN, as it has almost no disadvantages and provides the user with the needed safety online. The best part about it is that you do not need to be an expert in computers to install and use it. With just a few clicks away you will be safe online and focus only on what matters to you without worrying about cyber-attacks and other threats.



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