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How to play as Rain, Sindel, Baraka and Corrupted Shinnok in Mortal Kombat X; Unlock Skins for the Mobile version

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Apparently Netherrealm had hidden several characters in Mortal Kombat X, but now it is possible to unlock them after you rename some files. By the time one Modders on Reddit has found a way to play with Rain, Sindel, Baraka and Corrupted Shinnok.

Then we let the instructions to do so. Remember to backup files.

  • Find the appropriate files to Rain, Baraka, Sindel or Corrupted Shinnok (final boss) in the Assets folder.
  • Archives for Rain: Rain_A.xxx / RAIN_A_SCRIPTASSETS.xxx / SND_SPEECH_RAIN_ENG.xxx
  • Archives for Sindel: Sindel_A.xxx / SINDEL_A_SCRIPTASSETS.xxx / SND_SPEECH_SINDEL_ENG.xxx
  • Archives for Baraka: Baraka_A.tfc / Baraka_A.xxx / BARAKA_A_SCRIPTASSETS.xxx / SND_SPEECH_BARAKA_ENG.xxx
  • Corrupted files for Shinnok: ShinnokBoss_A.tfc / ShinnokBoss_A.xxx / ShinnokBoss_A_ScriptAssets.xxx / SND_SPEECH_SHINNOKBOSS_ENG.xxx
  • Rename files mentioned above by Shinnok (CHAR_Shinnok_A.xxx / CHAR_Shinnok_A.tfc / Char_Shinnok_A_ScriptAssets.xxx / SND_SPEECH_SHINNOK_ENG.xxx), or any other character. With Jax (CHAR_Jax_A.xxx / Char_Jax_A_ScriptAssets.xxx), Goro and Quan Chi also works.
  • Choosing renowned Shinnok or character to play with any of the four hidden characters.

Long Story short:

Basically, you can find all the important files in “Assets” once you have it installed. Then you find the NPC you want like Rain, Baraka, Sindel, Corrupted Shinnok, etc and rename their files to ones that match a legit character (in my case I used Shinnok); so Rain_A.xxx becomes CHAR_Shinnok_A.xxx and so on. Be sure to back up your files before hand. Once the NPC files are renamed, just put them back in the Assets folder, overwrite the old ones and now when you choose Shinnok or whoever, the files for the switched NPC will be loaded instead. The only bad thing is that I don’t think they have movelists or anything but they should be the same as in MK9.

Hopefully these characters are free in a future update, otherwise it would be a shame for the company and reason for anger by fans of the saga. Capcom received several insults from the community after having found DLC characters of Street Fighter Vs Tekken already in the files at launch.

Our Gameplay Screenshots:


Mortal-Kombat-X (2)



Mortal Kombat X Unlock Skins for the Mobile version

On the other hand, we leave a file that will allow them access to all skins that can be unlocked by playing the mobile version of Mortal Kombat X, but without going.

All you have to do is to simply copy the contents of the file to the “AddOnContent” folder

The skins that unlocks are:

  • Blue Steel SubZero
  • Gold Scorpion
  • Kold War Scorpion
  • Injustice Scorpion
  • Future Raiden
  • Klassic Kitana
  • Klassic Mileena
  • Farmer Jax
  • Ninja Mime JohnnyCage