It is time for another interesting trick which can be applied in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 respectively. In this trick, you will learn how to lock a folder so that you can store your important files in it. It is a very simple trick which I will be demonstrating with the help of pictures. Stay focused!

Step 1: Create a folder


Step 2: Create a Text Document inside the Folder

Step 3: Open the Text Document, copy this code and paste it inside

Can you see the “PASSWORD_GOES_HERE” in the code? Replace it with the password you want on your private folder, then click “File” and ”Save As” in the Text Document.

Please make sure the file name is “locker.bat” and set the type as “All Files” – afterwards, click Save and close the document. Now you can see there are 2 files inside your folder, right?


Double click on the “locker file” which you can see above and you will notice that a folder will be created automatically.

Store your required confidential files inside this folder and then again double-click on “locker” file. A Command Prompt will open up and it will ask you whether you want to lock the folder or not.

After hitting enter, the folder will be locked. Click on “locker” file again and then it will ask you to enter your password. I hope you know how how to lock a folder.

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