Although brand new games are being released all the time, there is something special about the old classics. Whether you’re a Super Mario fan or you prefer to think back to the days of Street Fighter, you probably have a game that comes to find when you think of retro games. These can be tougher to source because they’re no longer made and there is no knowing how many have survived the last 30 years. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up on growing your retro games collection, just that you’ll need to shop around to find the games you want.

Buying Second Hand

Without a doubt, if you want retro games that you are going to need to buy them second hand. The good news is that the internet sometimes makes this easy for us – with Facebook Marketplace and eBay being great choices for people who want to sell (or giveaway) stuff to declutter their homes. One tip is to look out for bundles because these sometimes go unspotted by other games, but often have a hidden gem of a game with the bigger bundle of things the person is selling.

If you are buying second hand then one thing to bear in mind is how clean the game might be. Our games consoles are often much filthier than we would imagine, so games will be too! It is recommended that you wipe the case over with a damp cloth and mild cleaning product before you go too far. Giving the actual disk or games cartridge a dust with a duster is a good idea too, given how dirty controllers and consoles can get as recent research from Betway online casino indicates.

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Joining Gaming Communities

You certainly aren’t alone in your love of retro gaming, so why not join a community of people who feel the same? That way you can talk about swaps or share hints of games that you might be able to pick up. If other people are buying bundles of games then they are likely to have some games twice or ones that they have no interest in – as will you. It makes sense to join forces and swap these with other retro game lovers because it can help to build your retro games collection much quicker.

Make Your Love of Retro Gaming Known

There will be attics up and down the country full of retro games and gaming consoles. If you let people in your family and friend group know that you have an interest in retro gaming, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how many of them can look out something that may be of interest to you. Local Facebook groups are also a great place to chat about your love – if these have been stuck in someone’s attic for a number of years then they are lucky to be keen to get rid of them and you can be the helpful person that comes along to take these off their hands.

Just remember that you should wash and wipe down anything that you buy second hand before you handle it too much and certainly before you play any games, to help prevent the spread of grime and bacteria that often lives on these things unnoticed.

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