There are ways for you to not only check out your Fortnite stats, but also check out other players’ progress.

When looking to improve your skills, check out your latest stats, or see what game mode you work best in, then many players will choose to use a Fortnite Tracker. There are a few resources out there for you to use, some of which work better than others in terms of what they offer. What’s more, some can be used so you can compare yourself with other players. You may have seen YouTuber’s using tactics where they expose player’s stats once they have been killed or have killed that particular player. If look at others’ Fortnite stats is something of interest to you, then read on. 

Which Fortnite Tracker Should I Use?

Choosing the right tracker depends entirely on what it is you are looking for. So, you could use something like Tracker Network, which many consider to be the best out there by many. This is because it doesn’t just serve for Fortnite, but many other online games too, so it is rather renowned at this point. What Tracker Network can do is offer an insight into how you are progressing, and can show you the stats for individual matches if its open when you are playing. 


You can also try out Storm Shield, which may not be quite as intricate as Tracker Network, but at the same time you can use it for a lot of the same stats that you may be looking for. In fact, you could argue that it is more user-friendly than other options, even if it means that it isn’t quite as detailed. 

What Should I use a Fortnite Tracker For?

As stated, there are a number of reasons as to why you might want to use a Fortnite tracker. In terms of find stats for fellow players, there are resources out there that can be used that will allow you to compare yourself to some of the best players in the word, or even your teammates. There are many Fortnite Stats leaderboards for you to check out too when using tools such as these. 

There is also a great social aspect when it comes to using Fortnite trackers. Many are equipped with LFG (Looking for Group) areas of their websites in which you can use them for finding like-minded players to play the game with. This can be very beneficial to improving your game, especially if you are working towards similar goals. Places like Tracker Network can also offer premium services, as well as hosting community events and prizes that will help you to integrate with the Fortnite world even further than ever before. 

Exposing a fellow player’s stats is something that is often looked into out of sheer curiosity, but it can also help you compare yourself to other players and how they are progressing compared to you, which can ultimately give you a better idea of how you should be improving. Again, it can also work from a social aspect to get to know new players. As you may have seen others exposing a player’s stats during a game, it’s an interesting insight into who you are playing against, and can even offer elation if you have killed a player who statistically is performing better than you.

So now you will have a better idea of how a Fortnite Tracker works, and what other player’s Fortnite stats can be used for in terms of comparing yourself to them. There are some resources better than others, so be sure to research which site is going to be the most beneficial to your needs when doing so. 

Have you used a Fortnite Tracker? Let us know in the comments section below!


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