Facebook has become an important part of people’s life. If you want to know about someone, you would simply open Facebook and see everything about them. From pictures to biographical info, people like to keep updating their profile with these things. Since you are updating your profile with all of this important info, it has all your work and personal contacts and a lot more, you’ve got to make sure that your Facebook account stays secure. For this there are a lot of methods with which you can save your info and keep your account away from people who might not want the best for you. In this article, we have good basic tips and methods which are going to help you to secure your Facebook account and make sure that you have a good and less bothering social media experience.

How To Secure your Facebook Account:


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It has become very important to secure your account because now even normal break can into your privacy due to the availability of hacking methods like z-shadow and others like it. So move ahead and learn how you can secure your Facebook Account with the following methods.

Protecting account with your Cell Number:

Facebook asks you to enter your mobile number in order to increase the protection of your account. Also, in these days, it is a wiser policy to make a Facebook account using your cell number. It is because when you create a Facebook ID with your email, it becomes vulnerable to easy hacking. People could easily invade if you fall prey to the methods mentioned above. Because cell numbers cannot be hacked, no one can take the advantage of that and thus, your Facebook will be a secured one. If you have created your profile a long ago with email, you can still change that in the setting.

Controlling the Privacy:

There are different privacy options on Facebook such as you can either share your stuff with Public or you can restrict into your friends. Well, it’s quite recommended that you keep your stuff only to your friends since they are the ones you know and they are the ones who do not have evil thoughts about that in mind. Exposing your information to the public with ‘Public’ privacy settings makes you vulnerable to all the stuff that could go wrong. So make sure that you turn your privacy settings to ‘Friends’ from ‘Public’.

Miscellaneous Tips:

Well, there are lots of things you can do to secure your Facebook account and these tips contain all or most of them. So read them below and protect it.

  • Make sure that you keep changing your Facebook password after sometime.
  • Keep a longer and stronger password which is hard to guess and cannot be easily caught by hackers.
  • Use extra security features from the Facebook which ensure maximum security of the accounts.
  • Do not fall off to click baits and other such stuff.
  • Always run an antivirus program on your computer.

So these were some pro tips with which you can protect your Facebook account. Please let us know if you have any question in the comment section below.

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