Technology is at the forefront of practically every industry. From healthcare to marketing, the latest innovations and inventions are helping to drive sales and optimize performance. One industry more than most is seeing the benefits of this technological boom – manufacturing. Here are some of the most inventive ways that technology is changing this thriving industry. 


One manufacturing trend that has been around for a while is automation – manufacturing machines replacing manufacturing jobs. While there have been some pros and cons to the rise of automated manufacturing, several studies show that this trend has helped to increase manufacturing output and sales. In fact, it’s estimated that one-third of manufacturing companies have adopted some form of automation. 

Recently, manufacturing has been taking a huge step forward with automation by using robotics to not only replace manufacturing jobs but also to enhance the manufacturing process. For example, robotics can help to improve production time, accuracy, and functionality of equipment.

Customer engagement

Technology is not just changing manufacturing in the sense of connecting manufacturing companies with their customers, but also changing how manufacturing companies interact with each other. Integrated website and customer systems have allowed manufacturing to achieve better results in less time. For instance, a company that sold baling wire could use these systems to predict customer spending behavior and contact them in advance. This helps drive sales whilst creating exceptional customer service. 

3D printing

While there are many forms of manufacturing, when it comes to producing one-of-a-kind items in a quick and efficient manner, 3D printing is leading the charge. The process involves converting digital designs into actual physical products through layers of materials that harden after being printed out. 

3D printing has allowed manufacturers to reduce production costs and waste while also opening the door for better customization options, quicker shipping times, and other advantages that ensure customer satisfaction.

3D printing is also leading the charge in terms of designing new products. Rather than manufacturers needing to invest in expensive machinery or rely on outside vendors to create designs, they can use 3D printers to innovate at a faster rate.


While automation has enhanced manufacturing output, data is being used by machines today to help them understand how they can do their jobs better tomorrow. Manufacturers have always collected data on their products, but in recent years they have collected more data than ever before. 

This collected data is being used to help manufacturers understand their market better and what consumers expect from them. Manufacturers can then use this knowledge to improve their current production processes or design new products that meet the needs of their target audience.

Virtual reality 

In recent years, virtual reality has been used by a number of different types of businesses to better connect with customers. This technology is also being used in manufacturing to enhance the manufacturing process and help companies better understand how their products will work in the real world. 

Virtual reality can be used in a number of ways when it comes to enhancing manufacturing. For example, manufacturers can use virtual reality to test how new products will interact with consumers and ensure that these items meet their needs. Manufacturers can also use this technology to design new manufacturing processes or learn how different construction materials perform under certain circumstances.

Machine learning 

Machine learning is giving manufacturers the power to make smart business decisions, whether they’re related to their customers or their products. This technology can be used to learn more about consumer behavior and how people interact with different items. 

For example, machine learning can help manufacturers understand how often a product will need to be replaced, if more durability is needed for certain industries, or even how to reduce waste. 

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