While Macs and personal computers were once a dominant force in the online gambling world, tablet PCs and smartphones have evolved as the preferred mediums to gamble on the Internet today. In fact, mobile devices with their user-friendliness provide the most convenient means to enjoy online casino games and sports betting on the move, to people.

Despite having come a long way, mobile gambling will continue to grow in popularity going forward. Let’s understand how the latest mobile casino apps on the market have revolutionised the gambling sector and the factors which will fuel their growth even more in the times to come.

The beginnings of mobile gambling

People didn’t have any other option besides using their Macs or personal computers to gamble online, up until the mid-part of 2000s. Although the cell-phones started gaining a lot of popularity thereafter, an average person still preferred his/her desktop or laptop to gamble, over a mobile phone. The tremendous advances made in the mobile technology made mobile gaming far more appealing to the players. But still the phones weren’t equipped to offer the kind of poker/casino graphics that could be rendered on PCs.

The larger sports books, poker websites and online casinos started offering BlackBerry apps which didn’t get the same kind of traffic that mobile platforms receive nowadays.

Mobile gambling soon became commonplace everywhere

It wasn’t until 2007 when Apple launched their first iPhone that mobile technology instantly became the future of gambling industry. It’s the iPhone which made people understand how user-friendly a mobile phone could possibly be. No one predicted the kind of impact smart phones had on people’s lives. It didn’t take much time for iPhone to surpass BlackBerry sales, and the regular upgrades to the iPhone kept it relevant in the market.

Then came the android devices, with Samsung Galaxy phones and other android phones gaining more popularity than iPhones and other iOS devices. Today, iOS and android combined have almost 100% share of the mobile gambling marketplace. These platforms allow players to wager money on their favourite casino games and sports events, with crystal clear graphics. Additionally, smart phones started impacting people’s lives in many more ways than just gambling.

The constantly increasing number of smartphone owners throughout the world

Despite being extremely popular today, mobile gaming is expected to touch even newer heights in the years to come. Data obtained from Newzoo some time ago revealed that the smartphone users throughout the world will surpass the 3.8 billion figure by 2021. The growth in smartphone industry is well evident in the 270 million new users that get added to this space with each passing year. With 3.8 billion people owning a smartphone, it’s needless to say that future looks very promising for the mobile gaming industry.

Another interesting fact revealed by Newzoo was that gamblers contributed $ 69.9 billion (through gambling apps) of the $ 92.1 billion that was spent on mobile apps in 2018.

More reasons why mobile gambling will grow in the future

The phenomenal rise in the mobile phone owners by 2021 is a big reason behind the optimism evident in mobile gaming industry. Below are some more reasons this industry will witness tremendous growth in the future.

Gambling sites are focusing more and more on mobile players

There weren’t many reasons for gambling portals to focus their energies on mobile players, till 2010. BlackBerry was primarily a business device and iPhone was still finding its feet. However, gambling portals have been extensively focused on mobile players in the past one decade. With a large majority of people wagering money primarily on their tablets and smartphones, these sites are finding new ways and means to appeal to them. While the online gaming industry won’t forget PC and Mac users, it truly understands that the biggest chunk of business comes from mobile.

Constantly declining PC market

The appeal of personal computers has declined significantly over the past few years. Majority of the world carries out its online operations on mobile phones these days. Although you get a bigger screen size on a computer, an average gambler still prefers a decently sized mobile phone for gambling purposes.

Improving capabilities of mobile gaming

Betting portals, poker rooms and online casinos have done a remarkable job at optimising the mobile platforms. With so much business coming from mobile gambling, the user-friendliness and the gambling experience on mobile phones is only going to get better in the future.

Almost 50% of the world still doesn’t own a smart phone!

Considering that 50% of the world doesn’t own a smart phone still, a constant rise can be expected in the number of smartphone owners going forward. And online gambling will benefit greatly from this increase. 

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