Australia-based Big Time Gaming did something remarkable in 2016. It released their newly invented breed of slots—Megaways—to the world. Its first game, Bonanza, became viral within a few months after release and has been popular since then.

These days, BTG isn’t the only software provider developing these games. The company already licensed some of its competitors to produce similar slots. That means there’s a growing number of developers creating Megaways slots.   

How do these games work? What’s so unique about them? Should you risk your money on a Megaways slot?

Megaways Basics

On your first glance, you might think Megaways are similar to standard slots. But on a closer look, you will discover some of them have six or seven reels and not the usual five. They take after different narratives, from foods and spices to animals and fairytales.

But the unifying factor in Megaways is that they have a reel modifier that frequently changes symbols on reels. That results in symbols changing from one spin to the other, leading to hundreds or thousands of ways to win. 

The standard Megaways slot features 117,649 ways to win. In contrast, regular video slots provide ten to 250 paylines. At least one Megaways, White Rabbit, features 248,832. Another game, Holy Diver, has 586,971.

Paylines per Reel

We’ve mentioned most Megaways slots have 117,649 paylines. But that’s an incredibly difficult number to achieve. As such, most games show you the ways you can win on a small screen within the slot. Below is how that works.

Megaways feature 2-7 winning images per reel. So, let’s say a game displays the maximum number of symbols on seven reels. You can calculate the number of ways to win a game by multiplying all icons.

  • 1 x 7 =7 ways to win on reel one
  • 7 x 7 = 49 ways to win one reel 1 and 2
  • 49 x7 = 343 ways to win on the first three reels
  • 343 X 7 = 2401 ways to win on four reels
  •  2401 x 7 = 16,807 ways to win on five reels
  • 16,807 x 7 = 117,649 ways to win on six reels

Most Megaways have six reels and seven symbols per reel. That’s the reason they have an average of 117,649 paylines. Of course, reels don’t always show the maximum number of symbols. 

In most cases, they have 2-4 symbols, which can reduce your chances of winning dramatically. This guide on how Megaways slots work expounds more on how to earn from these games. It also shares crucial tips for choosing an excellent Megaways slot.

Megaways: How to Place a Bet

Although they have an incredibly high number of paylines, Megaways work like most slots. You can place a bet manually or use an autoplay feature. You can also adjust your coin sizes. Bonanza, for example, lets you configure 0.2to 20-coin sizes. That means you can bet as little as 20 cents or up to $20 per spin.

Another slot by BTG, White Rabbit, allows you to wager as little as ten cents per spins or up your ante for a maximum of $20. Because Megaways have thousands of paylines, you can bet a fortune on these games. 

Megaways: Features and Bonuses

Most slots have a base game and a bonus round. Logically, the game starts with the former. You can land features that win you real money or free games. In White Rabbit, for example, you earn free spins when the bunny appears on reels 2-4. 

The bonus round is where all the beautiful things happen. For starters, there’s a cascading feature that replaces winning symbols continually. It is symbolized by a cupcake that appears before being replaced by winning symbols. 

That continues for a maximum of 12 symbols. You then receive free spins. If the cupcake appears again, the cycles happen once more for up to five times. Apart from free spins, you can also trigger multipliers of 50x, 70x or 100x your stake.

Megaways: Software Providers and Games

As mentioned, Big Time Gaming is responsible for Megaways slots. However, it’s not the only developer doing it anymore. For the last few years, these software makers have also joined the race to produce the next best Megaways games:

  • Red Tiger Gaming
  • Blueprint Gaming
  • Merkur Gaming
  • iSoftbet
  • Storm Gaming
  • Scientific Gaming
  • Kalamba
  • Relax Gaming

Although they are different companies, one thing you can be assured of is that all Megaways have a modifier that increases paylines. That said, the games each developer produces are as unique as the gaming brand doing it.

With that in mind, some of the most popular Megaways slots today are Bonanza, Extra Chilli, Mystery Reels, White Rabbit and Who wants to be a Millionaire

Megaways: Casinos Use

Megaways are increasingly becoming popular in today’s online casinos. BTG games are understandably the most provided games. However, you can also expect these games on casinos that support slots from the providers we mentioned above.

In other words, look at the software providers that supply games to casinos. If there’s one that creates Megaways slots, then you can expect to find these machines. Of course, research further to discover the best Megaways.

Read online reviews to find out what people say about different Megaways. You’ll be stunned by how different these games can be. Some slots, for example, are more generous and payout much frequently than others. 

Naturally, you want to play the best-rated Megaways games. They are more likely to have high RTP rates and thus increase your chances of winning. They could be more entertaining to play and have the kind of multipliers that can earn you a fortune.


Megaways are a relatively new type of slots designed by Australia-Big Time Gaming. They become popular almost immediately they were released in 2016. That’s because they offered many developers thought was impossible: modifying reels to produce thousands of paylines. 

These days, you can find Megaways slots on almost every online casino. But as mentioned, research to play only the very best of them.  


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