The rapid evolution of almost any industry during the past few decades was greatly impacted by technological advancements. And the online gaming industry isn’t an exception. The innovations in the online gaming industry including eSports, online casinos, and games have been truly remarkable. And every year we witness more surprises, more trends, and more content gamers are anxiously expecting. 

As a matter of fact, the innovations and switching from one trend to another, from platform to platform, is necessary for the gaming industry. Who would want to play the same thing over and over again for years and get excited about the already-seen features or technologies? 

This industry needs constant reshaping, fresh elements, and growth – and if it wasn’t for that it definitely wouldn’t be one of the most lucrative industries in the world.

The Power of Online Gaming Trends

The trends leading the market will mainly come from the IT giants and their new technological breakthroughs. These IT giants are competing in taking over the market and who will be the first to launch something that the world has never seen before. And the gaming audience loves it – even a simple preview of a new feature, a new game, or anything gaming related will leave the gamers waiting. Moreover, the majority of them will probably subscribe to the product/service even before it is launched.

And did you know that a successful attempt at a gaming trend could lead the whole industry in a certain direction? For example, even if online games have superb graphics nowadays, the trend of making arcade-looking games has taken over the industry. So, apart from a bunch of newly published online games with such graphics, we can see elements with such graphics in almost every popular game. 

And when talking about the newest trends and technological impact on the online gaming industry, here’s what awaits in 2021.

Online Gambling

The gambling industry has had some major breakthroughs in the past decade due to the new technological advancements. Starting from the fact that the whole industry was transferred to the online market, making the online gambling industry thrive all over the planet. Now users can play from the comfort of their homes, get no wager free spins, and even on the go with the help of mobile devices as well as casino and betting apps. Casino games players and sportsbook bettors are the best witnesses to this. 

If 2020 was the year for experimenting, 2021 will be the year of setting new online gambling trends. The majority of betting operators started including live betting, streaming, and live casinos as a part of their offer. 

In addition, innovation in the economy and tech world such as cryptocurrencies also has a great impact on online gambling. Now, users can opt for paying in cryptocurrencies. Besides, the new encryption safety measures made the transactions and the users’ personal data safer than ever, causing less stress to the players

Online Gaming Industry 

Ever since the online gaming industry and vlogging blew out, the need for new streaming platforms appeared. As a matter of fact, it started as a hobby for most gamers, while it ended up being a quite profitable trend for both the players and the gaming developers. Twitch was launched in 2011, and up until this day, it remained one of the biggest streaming platforms for all gaming content. It was similar to Youtube but had a more specific goal – help the audience watch interesting gaming content and give the streamers the opportunity to become popular. 

Nowadays, you can watch some of the biggest gaming professionals on Twitch and even contribute to their cause. Streaming is one of the top online gaming trends for 2021. To point out, this streaming platform only has over 15 million active users on a daily basis and 2 billion viewers every hour. 

There have been many more innovations recently such as realistic 3D graphics, special effects, facial and voice recognition, gesture controls, VR, and AR. And the developers are incorporating these into new and existing games more and more nowadays. Hopefully, 2021 will be a big year for it.

In addition, new amazing and powerful gaming hardware is making gaming even more entertaining. Consoles and computers are made to support all the trending features. Some of these are 4K horizontal display resolution, VR, and so much more. And let’s not forget about the 2021 mobile gaming trends that are and high hardware competent smartphones allowing us to play incredible games anywhere. 

Final Words 

2021 is definitely bribing some innovations to the world of online gaming. No matter if you prefer gaming or iGaming, you will just keep getting amazed by what the future holds for these industries. It looks very promising and we are yet to discover what technologies will impact the online gaming industry in 2021.

Author’s Bio 

Leslie Alexander, the Content Lead at Gamblizard, is also an avid blogger interested in educating people about the online gaming industry. She has been a writer all her life and she loves to inspire her readers with new facts and interesting information. Leslie also loves to play games in her spare time and watch video game live streams.