Blockchain technology has stepped outside of the crypto world to help solve problems in an array of other industries. From automobile to music and even the travel industry, blockchain is putting out fires for the benefit of thousands of people. The gaming industry is not excluded from that list, with blockchain technology already improving the experiences gamers have, processes of gaming and helping those that make games. Here are of the reasons why the gaming industry should be sending a thank-you note to Satoshi Nakamoto.

Making In-Game Purchases Faster and Cheaper

Most modern games come with an added benefit of customisability. Characters may be able to perform better with a unique weapon or you may be able to unlock a bonus level with a small payment. Yet, for gamers who frequently enjoy in-game or in-app purchases, these purchases can be sluggish and expensive. The latter comes about because every agent handling the transaction takes a cut.

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain are together solving these issues. Many games are now accepting crypto payments for these micro-purchases. This means the payment goes through instantly or is deposited into your gaming wallet instantly. Also, because no other parties are handling the transaction, the game providers do not need to charge as much for their bonus features. To be able to make a crypto deposit you will need to have a secure wallet and the Luno Bitcoin Wallet is perfect for gamer needs.

Blockchain technology

But Also Protecting Your Personal Data

At the same time as making payments quicker and cheaper, they also make your payments and financial data more secure. As gamers no longer have to enter card details into their games or at online casinos where they may also play games, there is no chance of your card details or any other personal information being stolen. That’s speed, cost and security ticked off the list!

Gamifying Your Real-World Activities

In Black Mirror style narrative, the blockchain is also merging reality with a type of virtual reality. Imagine you go for a jog and then earn some digital coins in return that you can spend online or in another game. Well, you don’t need to imagine because there are already apps that turn your usual daily activities into a type of game; a game in which you can be rewarded for your hard work with coins that are then spent in anther virtual reality. All this is made possible based on the blockchain.

And of Course, Blockchain-Based Games

The blockchain does a lot for the gaming industry as an outsider but it also well in the mix of things through creating blockchain-based games. Games like Decentraland allow you to buy a piece of land in a virtual blockchain space to do with as you like. Ultimately the game unwinds into a universe just like ours with businesses, shops and real estate.

The future of gaming is awesome and the future of gaming includes blockchain!

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