Since Hermen Hulst, the former CEO of Guerrilla Games, now President of Sony Worldwide Studios, confirmed that Horizon: Zero Dawn will be coming to Steam during the third quarter of 2020, PC users have been waiting for Sony and Guerrilla Games to announce what will be the exclusive features for the PC platform.

Meanwhile, one of the Guerrilla Games developers confirmed, through a discussion on the Steam forums, that the game will have support for ultrawide resolutions, and evidence is made possible by a PC screenshot in 3440 × 1440 resolution, which has been added to images on the game’s Steam page.

We will support ultra-wide! As others in this thread already pointed out, the first screenshot on the Store Page is taken from the PC port.

Apart from the support of Ultrawide resolution, it has also been confirmed through Steam that it will also feature support Steam Achievements, though which is quite obvious;

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC will contain Steam Achievements – More details will be released at a later date!

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