Horizon Zero Dawn is an upcoming action, role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games due next week and the studio revealed a new trailer showcasing the development of this open-world title.

The developers have elaborated the development of Horizon Zero Dawn and the beautiful in-game environment of the open world title. They mentioned how much time they spent to improve the facial animation of the game characters which are generally not that much good in the role-playing games, and also discussed about moving within the game’s world without facing any loading screens.

According to the developers at Guerilla Games, they used motion capture for about 15 hours for dialogues in the game instead of procedural generation in order to improve the facial animation.  Check out the recently released trailer right below;

Horizon Zero Dawn is a story of protagonist Aloy, an archer who lives in a world full of robots. She must use the ranged and melee weapons for the combat against the creatures of her world.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set for release on Tuesday, February 28th for PlayStation 4. According to the reports, the game received a great reception from the critics. Another report suggests that the game’s sales might reach beyond 6 million by the end of year 2017.