Sony Playstation Japan showcased a new trailer of Horizon: Zero Dawn at Tokyo Game Show 2016 and we have to admit that in terms of graphics game is looking really impressive. Also, this game will fully support the 4K and the HDR potential of the PlayStation 4 Pro so you should expect more detailed  environment.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Will Support 4K and the HDR On PS4 PRO

Through the new material presented in this new video, developer Guerrilla Games allow us to know a little more about the world and story of Horizon: Zero Dawn. The title presents a post – apocalyptic Earth where, again, the dominant and prevailing force is nature in all its glory.

Real-time volumetric clouds in games usually pay for fast performance with a reduction in quality. The most successful approaches are limited to low altitude fluffy and translucent stratus-type clouds. For Horizon: Zero Dawn, Guerrilla need a solution that can fill a sky with evolving and realistic results that closely match highly detailed reference images which represent high altitude cirrus clouds and all of the major low level cloud types, including thick billowy cumulus clouds.

The plot will be seen through Aloy, our protagonist, a hunter who must survive her simple and primitive weapons in a wild world by mechanical animals controlled, besides getting to understand the causes that led the decline of human civilization.

At the moment, it is expected that Horizon: Zero Dawn will be released in Europe on March 1, 2017, exclusively for the PlayStation 4, Playstation Slim and Playstation 4. Are you looking forward to Horizon Zero Dawn?