It had been leaked by the American chain Target and then GAME UK, but this time the news is from the DeepSilver studio. Homefront: The Revolution developed with the powerful CryEngine, will come to PC and consoles on May 17.

Welcoming the announcement, DeepSilver brings a new gameplay trailer for the sequel to this saga, this time it will be set in the city of Philadelphia in 2029.

Homefront: The Revolution will come to PC and consoles on May 17

“Have you seen the constant guerrilla warfare waged the Resistance in the suburbs devastated the red zone while the EPC and its US partners hide and control the city from the fortified Green Zone. But this … this is the yellow zone.

The yellow areas are the most populated areas of Philadelphia, where civilians live immersed in a feeling of constant fear. A mixture of an Orwellian police state and a ghetto: the people are subjected to oppression through constant surveillance, propaganda 24 hours a day and a perennial military presence.

But even in the yellow zone, the resistance will not surrender. Hidden in plain daylight, mixed with the crowd and hidden weapons until it is imperative to use them, the last champions of freedom have vowed to dismantle one by one with blood EPC infrastructure in this area.

Your job as a fighter for the liberation consist in finding shelters and other tactics locations from which to stage attacks. You will alter the propaganda of the EPC, you end up with their security systems and you infiltrarás to crush high-value targets; intervendrás to save the lives of civilians and to annihilate senior officers … all these steps more bring you closer to your ultimate goal: the Revolution.

Join the Resistance along with three other friends in the closed beta on Xbox One this February! Sign up here on the website to ensure your place and dive into various online cooperative missions in anticipation of what awaits you when fighting in the Revolution.

Homefront: The Revolution will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC.

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