Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios revealed the unique feature ‘Hearts and Minds‘ for Homefront: The Revolution, which focuses on winning the hearts and minds of the population through the actions of fighting the KPA. The supportive team will increase as the player performs acts of resistance, such as destroying the infrastructure of the KPA.

Homefront: The Revolution presents the character progression system ‘Hearts and Minds’ – New Screenshots and Trailer

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Starring Ethan Brady, our mission in Homefront will be to inspire people to be up in arms against the brutal military occupation, and thus starts the revolution.

Open-world mode transforms dynamically around player as Hearts and Minds expand. Civil intimidated now join your side in acts of challenges, and the whole area will evolve from a state of authoritarian closure to a revolution in the streets.

Hasit Zala, game director at Dambuster Studios was also a part of the presser and while speaking, he said that,

Homefront: The Revolution is this team’s most ambitious project yet. In addition to our epic 30-plus hour single-player campaign, we expect to launch Resistance Mode with 12 Missions, packed with re-playability, and hope to release another 20 Missions within the first year. To ensure our community can always play together, all Resistance Mode Missions will be free to download.


Form a Resistance Cell with your friends online and wage guerrilla warfare against the KPA military in thrilling narrative-driven missions across occupied Philadelphia. Customize your personal roster of Freedom Fighters as you and your teammates go from rookie civilians to battle hardened soldiers. Unlock new skills, earn weapon blueprints, rare equipment and combat gear to upgrade.

Homefront: The Revolution will be released for the PC and next-Gen console on May 5.

Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution

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